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About Me

I attended Grants Pass High School in Grants Pass Oregon and graduated from a little commercial art school in Oregon. My real education came from the many jobs I've held in creative fields across the country. Window displayer, automotive painter, picture framer, interior designer, muralist, graphic designer, art teacher, and general art store know-it-all just to name a few. While tackling these jobs, I've lived in Oregon, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Florida, and now Kentucky. I mention these positions and places I've lived because these influences have shaped and formed me into the artist I have become, while giving me more of a world view. For example, the graphic design is clearly present in my clean and uncluttered style, while commercial art school planted the seed for my passion of lettering, and painting cars and murals gave me the courage to paint larger than life. Hawaii introduced me to indigenous languages, Oregon brought out the naturalist in me, Wisconsin and Florida proved I really do prefer warmer weather, and Kentucky brought me full circle to embrace life's passion in the Cherokee language, history, and culture.

I am an enrolled member of the Four Winds Louisiana Cherokee Confederation.

You can find me on Facebook @JannetteParentArtist

For more information about my journey as a yoga and fitness instructor, please go to that page, listed in the menu above.

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