Apparently... Projects

I always seem to have some extra-curricular projects in the works. The most common question friends ask me is "What are you working on now?" My answer varies day by day and usually surprises even those who know me well. Below, you'll find photos of some of those projects...

In the Fall of 2016, I presented an idea to make new banner flags for Princeton Kentucky's Main Street lamp posts. So far, we've completed four sets of 36 flags. 

A few years ago, I carved a complete set of the Cherokee syllabary (alphabet of sorts) in print blocks. I plan to make syllabary flashcards, printed words, phrases, etc. on paper or fabric, syllabary charts, etc. I've experimented with them some, and hope to dedicate more time to them soon.

Another ongoing project that I keep going back to is my Cherokee Building Blocks. They are blocks of wood with a Cherokee word painted in syllabary and phonetic. They're simple and clorful and look great stacked on display. 

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