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Yoga & Qigong

I've been teaching at Trilogy Performance Sports in Princeton, Kentucky since 2013. My rejuvenating yoga classes use a gentle flow to stretch muscles and build core strength. Fundamental postures, breathe work and relaxation techniques are introduced, making this a great class for all skill levels.

In 2017, I began teaching yoga at the local women's prison. It has been a deeply rewarding experience, and I am very thankful to have this opportuity to reach this group of women who otherwise might not experience yoga. In 2018, I trained with James Fox of to teach a more trauma informed yoga to those who are incarcerated, have addictions, and/or are physically limited. 

In 2018, I also started teaching Qigong. (Pronounced "Chee-Gong") Qigong is the ancient Chinese exercise of Life Energy Cultivation. It is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used in the belief that it promotes health, spirituality, and relaxation. It is a low-impact, easy exercise, which focuses on breathework and mindfulness to help the body, mind and spirit to become more balanced. It is a perfect compliment to my yoga classes, especially for those who aren't comfortable with the yoga poses or have limited mobility.

I can teach a variety of yoga styles, including chair, resorative, power, vinyasa flow and wall yoga. I also teach a variety of fitness classes using weights and balance sticks. All of my classes are designed to engage the mind and condition the body. In my free time, I also practice aerial yoga and paddleboard yoga.

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