Apparently... Watercolors

Watercolor painting is more spontaneous and out of control to me. I succomb to it and keep it light, fun and entertaining. With my 4x6" paintings, I often set the timer - spending an hour or two on them, at most. It makes me work fast and intuitively. sometimes, I get lost in the painting and spend more time on it... I never quite know what the finished painting will look like. 

Out of this spontaneous painting style, my Pet Portraits have evolved. I love capturing the spirit in an animal's eyes. I do take commisions on these, however the key is a good photo to paint from. I cannot emphasize this enough. I have the right to refuse a portrait request. Please honor this. I want to please you  and to paint a wonderful painting. However, if I do not feel inspired by the photo, it will not be a good painting. 

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